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Sankeien Garden (三溪園)

Kanagawa Flower Viewing Museum
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Date: April 21, 2018

Posted on April 26, 2018

What comes into your mind when you think about Yokohama? The beautiful city landscape with the sea? Minato mirai? Chinatown? Zoorasia? and so on, sure these are unmissable things, but how about a traditional Japanese landscape garden?

I went to Sankeien Garden recently in a sunny, beautiful spring day. This place is different from the average gardens in Japan, and the atmosphere of the place reminds me of the traditional country towns. It’s hard to believe, because the place is huge, but it was once a private home of Tomitaro Hara (原富太郎), the Hara family (1868–1939), and opened to the public in 1906.

The garden has several historical buildings tea houses, temples, museum, and restaurants. Most of the architectures was built in the Edo period, also Momoyama period, Taisho era, Meiji era, Muromachi period, and Showa era. Originally from Kyoto, Kamakura, Nara and other paces. Besides the beautiful lakes with koi fishes, and turtles in it, there are traditional bridges, small rivers, waterfalls, bamboo groves, and flower areas.

You can find some japanese restaurants in the park with delicious meals like ramen, udon, dango and so on, but if you don’t like japanese food I recommend you to bring something with you. About the restaurants, they have average prices, and kind of a country side atmosphere, I definitely loved it.

There are some interesting events in the park according to the seasons, “New Year spending at Sanshien” (三溪園ですごすお正月~横浜市指定有形文化財 鶴翔閣公開) on January 1 - 3,
“Bonsai Exhibition” (盆栽展) in mid-January, Plum blossom viewing (観梅会) in mid February - early March, “Haiku Exhibition” (俳句展) in mid March to late May, “Evening cherry blossom viewing party” (観桜の夕べ) in late March to early April, “Primula exhibition” (さくらそう展) in mid- April.

The upcoming events: “Historic Building Surrounded by Fresh Spring Foliage Open to the
Public” (新緑の古建築公開-原三溪生誕150周年特別企画 臨春閣) in late April - early May, “Azalea
bonsai exhibition” (さつき盆栽展) in late May - early June, “Firefly evening” (蛍の夕べ) in late May - early June, “Japanese Iris Exhibition” (花しょうぶ展) in mid-June, "Early morning lotus viewing “(早朝観蓮会) on Saturdays and Sundays from mid-July to early August, open on public holidays at 6 am. (Personally recommend this one, it seems amazing.)

Furthermore: “Morning glory exhibition” (朝顔展) in late July, Historic buildings-Kakushokaku is open to the public (三溪園で楽しむ夏休み~横浜市指定有形文化財 鶴翔閣公開) in mid August, “Harvest moon night viewing” (観月会) in late September, “Exhibition of photograph works selected by the contest” (フォトコンテスト入賞作品展) late September - mid December. Every visitor is allowed to enter the exhibition with their own photos. “Chrysanthemum exhibition” (菊花 展) in late October to late November, and “Historic buildings-Choshukaku, Shunsoro are open to the public in autumn-tinted air” (紅葉の古建築公開(重要文化財 聴秋閣、春草廬) in mid November - Early December.

Experience Details

Title Sankeien Garden (三溪園)
Website http://www.sankeien.or.jp/
Address 58 Honmokusannotani, Naka Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture 231-0824
Tel 045-621-0634
Entrance fee Adult (15 years old and above): 700 Yen, Children (14 years old and under): 200 Yen, City residents 65 years old and above: 200 Yen
Opening times 9:00 - 17:00
Access From JR Negishi Station: At Bus Platform No.1, take the municipal bus Route No.58,99 or 101. Get off at Honmoku( 10 minutes' ride) , and then walk to the Garden( 10 minutes), From JR Yokohama Station: At Bus Platform No.2, take the municipal bus Route No.8 or 148. Get off at Sankeien-iriguchi( 35 minutes'ride) , and then walk to the Garden( 5 minutes).


* Please check the latest information before visiting the place.

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